Every year on the 1st Sunday of August the challenge called “Disfida del Bracciale takes place, a revival of tradition and folklore. To recreate the atmosphere of the first half of the 19th Century,  there is a historical parade and the streets are decorated for the event. People  wear bright coloured costumes typical of the four different quarters of the town.. The players put on the typical wooden muff  with spikes  and  hit the leather ball hard into the air,  possibly  over the goal line (“volata) to the opponent team, but it is a very tough job, being the ball very heavy and fast! During this Disfida taverns and inns, traditional workshops and hundred-year-old main doors showing frescoed entrance-halls are open to the public and recreate the atmosphere of the 19th century.

 Treia is the renowned “testimonial” of this game. Carlo Didimi was the most famous player of this challenge in the 19yh century and was born in Treia in 1798. Giacomo  Leopardi dedicated the ode “To a Winner in the Game of the Ball” to him.

Live representations of the Nativity and of the Passion of Christ create evocative scenes. Pagan parades such as Carnival, with its amusing floats and fancy dress groups, culinary events, including the Sagra del Calcione (2nd Sunday of June) and the Sagra della Polenta (3rd Sunday of September) are extremely entertaining.