Traditional dishes

 Quality of life can be measured also on the table. Typical traditional dishes, which are based on mushrooms, mutton and pork but also on a special kind of wheat called farro or lentils, associate easily with the famous pecorino cheese or ciauscolo, a soft salami made of pork that can be spread on fresh bread or toasts. It is compulsory to have a taste of the famous vincisgrassi (hand made pasta, cut in wide strips, which are placed one over the other, served with meat sauce and bÚchamel) and the cappelletti (kind of ravioli stuffed with meat) served in chicken- broth.  The extra virgin olive oil, cheese and honey are excellent. 

The distilled liqueurs such as anisetta and mistrÓ are unforgettable. The typical wines are Colli Maceratesi, the red and sparkling Vernaccia di Serrapetrona, which is excellent with desserts, and finally the best wine of this territory, the Verdicchio di Matelica. The latter is very well known worldwide. It was one of the first D.O.C.s in Italy. The calcione of Treia is officially acknowledged   as  traditional product by the Marche Region, it is  normally eaten at Easter. It is a round of dough, hand made and stuffed with a mix of flour, eggs, pecorino cheese, sugar and oil, which has a very characteristic sweet-and-sour taste. It is unique in the tradition of the Marche Region and a local festival is dedicated to this dish on every second Sunday of June. Typical and artistic handicrafts are very interesting.